Summer in Vancouver is over. You’ve enjoyed some quality time outdoors, including your own backyard. And it wasn’t all play. You worked up a sweat tidying up the lawn, pruning some trees and doing a little landscaping. It wasn’t all fun, but still, you’ll miss the sun.

Now, a Vancouver winter is upon us. You find yourself spending extra time indoors. On those grey days, you start thinking about making changes to your home’s interior. You try making some stylish lighting upgrades to brighten things up, but it isn’t enough. Your home still needs a little more “something.”

A Fresh Look

You rearrange the living room furniture, do a little painting here and there, upgrade a few kitchen appliances, and even get some new countertops installed. It might be that you’ve been making renovations without calling them “renovations.” Indeed, “home renovations” is a broad term, describing everything from subtle, easy do-it-yourself cosmetic changes to a full-crew-with-heavy-equipment project.

Maybe you’ll need robust renovations, maybe not. But isn’t it time to brighten up a Vancouver rainy season with a few renovation ideas? Letting your imagination run wild can dispel a grey Vancouver drizzle. Don’t hold back. If you can dream it, chances are we can make your ideas a reality.

Lower a floor, raise a floor, lower a ceiling, open up a roof, raise the whole house. The sky’s the limit.

Renovation Ideation

Here’s a short list of home renovations, each somewhere on the spectrum between practical and unique, that just might transform your domestic life:

1. Add a master bedroom balcony. Your neighbours have one, and you’re just a bit envious. Instead of buying a home with one, add one!

2. Lower your living room to create a conversation pit. This where “spacious” meets cozy.

3. Open up a ceiling for a sunroof. Goodbye, boring. Hello, stars. How’s the universe tonight?

4. Turn dead space between the floor and high ceiling into an extra room. Does your home a have a high ceiling in the entryway? It’s been nice to have that feeling of spaciousness, but now it’s time to be practical. Could that space be transformed into a sitting area or even a playroom?

5. Install a two-sided fireplace between the bathroom and the bedroom. Ever enjoyed a bubble bath by a crackling fire? Go ahead. Let your mind wander there. Bring a glass of wine.

These are just a few renovation considerations for your home. No doubt, you have at least one or two more. (Or, maybe a few hundred.) If you’re still short on ideas, check our photo gallery for great visual ideas from our current builds and renovations. Expect to be awed– and maybe even overwhelmed. If so, prioritize. And think about how you’ll actually use the space to make life at home better. Then call Reid Developments!.

We’re award-winning experts for home renovations in Vancouver, and we’d be delighted to work with you on a home transformation that wins your full approval– from planning to finish. Call us at 604-612-0149 or message us here.