There’s no shortage of home renovation companies in Vancouver. But if you’re looking to make changes to your home, where do you start the search for the right one?

Not all Vancouver renovation companies offer the same services. Start by narrowing the field of choice based on your own needs. Are you looking for design and planning services as well, for example? Companies that offer these services bring value and convenience to your home reno.

One thing that separates genuine professionals from others is that the pros will point out opportunities for improving your design. If your renovator says, “If you knock that wall down, your house will come with it,” you should listen. Hopefully, the contractor you choose won’t need to say that, but when a professional speaks, keep your ears open.

Qualified home renovation contractors will take a consultative approach and give you alternatives that can save you money or improve the overall quality of your renovation. So, whether or not you’re employing your renovation company’s design and planning services, be prepared to present your ideas but also to listen to an experienced professional.

Whether you have some elaborate, full home renovations already on paper or just some ideas for improving a room or two, there are some basics in finding the right renovation company. What is the “right renovation company”? It’s one you can trust and with whom you’re comfortable.

Check out the company thoroughly. Meet with them, ask lots of questions and talk with their previous clients. Visit past home renovation projects to see their completed work. Check one or two of their current projects, too. In the thick of things, a renovation isn’t neat and tidy. But do their current projects look like disaster zones or does there appear to be a sense of order?

Vancouver’s a big city, with lots of contractors capable of doing a top-notch renovation on your home. But there are some companies you’ll want to avoid. Apart from the common-sense suggestions we’ve just given you, how do you know which ones to steer away from? Look at the paperwork. “It ain’t over ’til the paperwork is done,” the old saying goes. An essential part of hiring the right renovator among the wide choice of Vancouver renovators also means checking their paperwork. That means checking:

1. Licenses and Insurance

“Did you get the license number of the home renovation company that hit your house?” Okay, it’s not quite like that. But if a Vancouver renovator has a license, they also have a license number. Get it before they start work.

Legitimate companies have the proper licenses. Licenses and insurance demonstrate a contractor’s credibility and knowledge.

The companies that don’t have these things? Well, avoid them and save yourself some home renovation heartbreak.

2. Warranty

You’re putting a significant investment into your home renovation. Protect your investment with proper warranty. Reputable contractors offer a warranty as part of their written contract. Fly-by-night “cash only” renovation companies are unlikely to return to fix a problem, even if they say they will. If something goes wrong after they finish their work, can you trust someone who cheats on taxes to honour their promises to you? Be safe. Get your renovation done by a company that doesn’t hesitate to put it in writing.

3. Professional Association Memberships

Legitimate Vancouver renovation companies will have memberships in recognized trade organizations such as the Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association and the Canadian Home Builders Association. (By the way, Reid Developments is a member of both organizations.)

Why are memberships in these organizations important? Three words: Code of Ethics. The Greater Vancouver Home Builders Association, for example, has an ethical code that requires that each member “comply with applicable building codes of Canada as a minimum standard for construction” and that requires that all companies who are members “deal honestly and fairly with their customers and stand behind the quality of their work and service commitments.”

These organizations, like the companies who are members in them, have a reputation to preserve and protect. In short, rogue or disreputable companies aren’t welcome.

See it in writing: licenses, insurance, professional memberships. Get it in writing: a warranty. All are essential to choosing the right renovators for your home.

At Reid Developments, we’ve established an award-winning reputation as professional Vancouver builders and renovators. Thinking of home renovating? We’d love to hear from you. Message us here to get started.