Maybe you don’t live in your ultimate dream home yet. That’s okay. Most of us have to work our way up to that! But that doesn’t mean the home you live in now can’t help you recognize at least part of that dream. If you purchased a fixer-upper or your present home just needs a little extra spark or perhaps a bit of updating, you might consider home renovations to help you get closer to your vision of the perfect home.

If you’re thinking about home renovations for your Vancouver house, you might be considering a wide variety of options. Should you spruce up the outside? Do something clever with the basement? Update those tired, old bathrooms or maybe the kitchen? Add some outdoor features?

Wow, that’s a lot of choices, but perhaps you’re wondering which renovations will provide you with the best return on your investment.

Home renovations in the Vancouver home marketplace are always a good idea, especially as more millennials look to purchase their first home. These busy individuals or couples are often looking for houses that are move-in-ready and mesh with their busy lifestyles. That means they want the renovation work to be done before they own the home.

So, what should you do to spruce up your home that will make it most attractive to today’s buyers, increasing your property value if you’re ready to sell…or increasing your joy and comfort if you’re not?

Remodeling the kitchen

Yup, this is the most sought after home renovation in the Vancouver market. Nobody wants an outdated kitchen with avocado green appliances, run-of-the-mill oak cabinets, and Formica ™ countertops. Kitchens can be the life center of your home, so it’s important to have one that functions well AND which welcomes guests to sit down and hang out for a while. So, spending money on re-designing the layout, purchasing new cabinets or appliances, adding new flooring, or upgrading the countertops is always a good bet.

Updating the bathroom(s)

Similar to kitchen renovations, renovating a bathroom (or two) is a wise investment. Consider getting rid of an old vanity, replacing the floor, or adding new deluxe fixtures like a luxury shower with lots of showerheads or a soaking tub. If you have the option, take a small master bath and make it larger so that it’s more attractive to buyers looking for a place to luxuriate at the end of a busy day.

Don’t have enough bathrooms in your home? If possible, add one. A bathroom addition requires about 3 square-meters for a full bath and about half that for a powder room or half bath, so look for space you can use (like a closet) to add a bathroom or add on to an existing one. You can never have too many bathrooms!

Repurposing a room

Perhaps you have a basement that’s been sitting empty but could be used for entertainment space or as a home office? Or how about a home theater perhaps? Or maybe that unused bedroom could become a library or a music room with the right renovations? Or perhaps the attic could be finished and then used as a game room for the kids or a man cave for Dad.

If you have an idea for repurposing an existing room, talk to a home renovator in Vancouver about your ideas and brainstorm together for the best, most cost-effective solution.

Adding a sunroom

Any room that brings the sunny outdoors inside is always welcome, especially when it’s climate controlled! Many of us suffer from lack of connection with nature during the winter months, but with a sunroom attached to our home, we can enjoy the outdoors even when it’s cold outside.

If you have space to add a solarium, sun porch, conservatory, or whatever you’d like to call it, you’ll always have a place to rest, relax, and read a good book or listen to music, enjoying what nature offers at the same time, be it the snow-kissed trees of a Vancouver winter or the bright sun that so often shines in the summer months.


Remember, not all home renovations in Vancouver will get you more money when you’re home goes on the market. But that’s okay. Sometimes renovations are done for you and only you, so you shouldn’t hesitate to chat with the experts at Reid Developments about your wishes and dreams. Our professional builders and home renovators can help steer you in the right direction and provide you with advice that will allow you to realize your vision. Call for a free in-person consultation.