Construction know-how and experience are essential things to look for when you’re shopping for a home builder you can trust. It’s important to “think local.” Vancouver’s best home builders do! They’re aware that the physical terrain, weather, and climate are among the main building challenges in this beautiful, urbanized rainforest we call home. The best Vancouver home builders also know the “lay of the land,” literally. They understand the rugged and often challenging terrain– the physical environment that goes beyond merely the weather.

Here are a few factors Vancouver’s best home builders keep in mind when planning and building a home– and things you should consider as you plan your dream home, and seek out a builder that can make it happen.


Rain is one of the most significant challenges facing Vancouver homeowners — and home builders. The problem isn’t just building a home in wet weather. Moving water safely and effectively away from a completed home is also challenging task. All Vancouver home builders should know how vital a well-planned and well-installed drainage system is.

Things like proper soil grading, roof gutters, and drainage tiles or pipes should all be areas of expertise for professional home builders in Greater Vancouver. But how many Vancouver builders are talented enough to turn water drainage into art? The inverted roof at the Reid-built Gravity House channels rainwater to protruding beams and moves it ceremonially down decorative rain chains to the ground. (All this, and no wet foundation!)


A good builder knows how to harness the sun’s rays, effectively and efficiently. With sun-friendly exposure, a home and yard benefit from solar rays during most of the day. In Vancouver and our part of the hemisphere, that means southern exposure. An eastern exposure takes advantage of the morning sun, while a western exposure captures the afternoon sun.

For gardeners and those who like to spend time in their backyards, southern exposure is especially significant. Those who wish to create a landscape display in front of their home will need to trade backyard sun and have their front door facing south instead.


Let’s face it, Vancouver has days, weeks, even months, when sunshine is in short supply. Well-placed windows and skylights will stream in precious sunlight. But here’s another area where a talented home builder can shine. The same inverted roof system at the Reid-built Gravity House that we mentioned above not only artistically channels rainwater, it also captures the light and allows it to permeate the house.

Features like bright white walls and cabinetry, as well as high ceilings, can provide something of an escape from grey, wet days and the closed-in feeling that they bring. Some excellent examples of these features can all be found at Reid Construction’s showcase home, Camosun House And it’s not just a matter of white walls and ceilings. Even they can get monotonous. Camosun House is an example of a home punctuated with colour and texture.

Location and Terrain

Think about your priorities for a home location? Need Privacy? Love waterfront or mountain views? Looking for proximity to amenities? A good builder understands both the assets and challenges of each type of property. Tap into their knowledge. For example, an experienced builder understands the rock and soil issues that are especially relevant to new subdivisions. A good builder also knows the importance of discovering what lurks beneath the surface, such as potential sinkholes and other natural hazards that can turn your dream home into a nightmare. (For more tips on choosing a location, see our ‘Smart Steps to A Custom Built Home‘ blog.)

On a more positive note, the best builders incorporate materials — such as wood and stone — that create a perfect fit with the immediate surroundings. It’s something people who are planning a dream home sometimes overlook.

Build a Relationship with your builder

A good builder knows the importance of the planning features we’ve just mentioned. But how well does your builder know you? Your lifestyle and personal preferences play a big part in planning and building a home. So, communicate those things. It’s crucial for you to have a good, consultative relationship with your home builder– so that they understand both what you want, and who you are. At Reid Developments, we’d love to put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Give us a call at 604-612-0149, or contact us via our online form today– and share your dreams with us!