An important part of having your new home built in Vancouver isn’t simply finding a reputable and experienced builder. It’s also about locating a construction company that knows both the opportunities and challenges of Vancouver home construction. The best local builders know it’s all about you, your home– a home that’s both uniquely “Vancouver” and uniquely “you” in its function and style.

Here’s what to expect from your construction company, and what your responsibilities are, to ensure that the finished product is the home of your dreams.

Start on the right foot

Home construction is always a team effort from pre-build to completion. An efficient construction company knows the importance of closely working with you through every stage of the process. Your builder should arrange preliminary meetings for you with the architects or designers to ensure that everyone is on the same page from the beginning.


At the pre-build stage, a pre-construction plan should be more than just an impressive set of blueprints. A pre-construction design contract with your developer will help ensure that construction of your home is complete on time and within budget.

Once you’ve approved the final design for your new home, the architect or designer will work on permit submission with the appropriate Greater Vancouver municipality. Other professionals such as geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, and envelope consultants may need to be brought in, depending on the requirements of the city.

Once your future home’s drawings have been submitted for permit, your home builder will review the blueprints and complete a detailed construction budget. After you’ve approved the budget, it’s time to enter into a construction contract. When permits are approved by the city, it’s time to start building!

Stay involved

Home construction in Vancouver isn’t quite a set-it-and-forget-it process. Each Vancouver area municipality has its own approach in reviewing proposed home plans. Some municipalities are slower than others, but an experienced builder will know what timeline expectations are realistic and will keep you up to date on the progress.

It’s reassuring to place your home’s construction in the hands of professionals, it’s important to stay involved. You don’t want the headache of micromanaging your home’s construction. But don’t expect to walk away until completion.

A good builder will be proactive in seeking your input on the design through the construction process– either by ongoing communication with you or directly with your designer. So, be available!

Keep costs under control

Once your home’s construction has started, you can keep your costs manageable with a two-week billing cycle through the project. This is the preferable billing plan for most homeowners and builders. If a construction company wants to bill you for a large up-front amount, consider it a red flag.

As we mentioned in our “Four Things that Vancouver’s Best Home Builders Understand” blog, The best local home builders understand that the physical terrain, weather, and climate in Vancouver present some equally unique challenges.

Be patient

The best Vancouver home builders know the “lay of the land” and its geological challenges, as well as that often soggy canopy of sky above our urbanized rainforest. They know how to work in it and design with it in mind. They understand the differences between “Sunny Surrey” and “Wet” (West) Vancouver and are able to design and build accordingly.

The time of year of your home’s construction can mean delays. No one can perfectly predict the weather, but a builder with many years and many seasons of Vancouver building experience will be able to create a realistic construction timeline.

A team effort plus a little patience on everyone’s part will ensure a successful outcome: the completed construction of your new Vancouver home. At Reid Developments, we’d love to help build your dream with a collaborative approach from start to finish. Give us a call at 604-612-0149, or contact us online to get started– today.